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Get TONED Arms, a TIGHT Tummy, FIRM Legs & a ROCK HARD Butt!
Without Fad Diets, Starving Yourself or 
Long, Boring Workouts at the Gym!
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Colorado Springs Kickboxing !
No matter what your goals are, we have a program that's perfect for you and your needs!
With Colorado Springs Hottest Fitness Kickboxing Program!
Are you SICK and TIRED of Struggling With…
  • Trouble spots that just won’t go away (like those saddlebags)
  • Your embarrassing stomach bulge
  • Meat market gyms that make you feel uncomfortable
  • Unrealistic Diets that don’t work
  • Having to count calories and deprive yourself of the food you want to eat
  • Busy with work, life, kids
  • Turning off your stress hormones that make you store fat
  • Being frustrated with finding a workout that really works!
  • Having your “skinny” jeans hanging in the closet
  • Workouts that just plain suck!
Finally, Thanks To Results Kickboxing Program… You No Longer Have To Deal with ANY Of That Ever Again!
Let me show you how you can get started on your road to fitness and better health with our incredible web special!
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Rocking Stronger than Ever
Exercise has always felt like a chore to me. I have tried working out at home with many programs and going to the gym when I could but I could never get up the motivation to really push myself. I started taking classes in Jan 2015 with no idea of what I was getting myself into. Each class I decided to push myself a little harder than the class before. In just two months, I feel stronger and in the best shape, I have been in since having my daughter two years ago. I have never been motivated to work out and now I am attending classes three times a week! I really like how in under an hour you can work every part of your body and feel so accomplished!

-Beth Kroll. 
Alanna getting in shape!
I have lost a total of 19 pounds so far with Results Kickboxing. I have toned up, gained confidence and increased my self-esteem. I can also fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! My life has become less stressful and I have more energy and I am happier. This is a fun, full body workout!

~Allana Robertson

At the weight when I joined the USAF!
I have been with Results Kickboxing for going on 4 years. This is one workout I enjoy going to each and every week. All the instructors are so great and willing to work with each and every student. They have worked with me on many exercises since I have several issues with my knees and shoulder. They give great alternate exercises during class that still give a great workout. 

The classes are set for you to burn maximum calories in a short amount of time. I was able to lose 24lbs in a 6 weeks period by following a workout program they set for me along with a good diet they helped with. I will be with Results Kickboxing for many years to come. Thank you to all the instructors for all your help and patience. ~Steven Tate
Why Results Kickboxing Works!
  • No More Diets, just a few “simple” nutritional guidelines… You’ll melt away the rest with the 847 calorie burning workouts.
  • Neutralize your stress, causing your fat hormones to “shut down” so you’ll stop fat, especially in your stomach, hips and thighs.
  • Burn more calories in half the time with our workouts… you also continue to burn more fat and calories for up to 28 hours after your workout thanks to the “Afterburn effect”Unrealistic Diets that don’t work
  • You get the fat melting benefits of cardio while having fun, and NOT getting on boring machines. (How cool is that?)
  • Our instructors are serious about pushing and motivating you, so you’ll get that strong, toned body that you’ve signed up for…
Tina, slimmed and toned up!
I joined Results Kickboxing because I wanted a different workout routine and more ideas on eating/menu.I have gotten everything I have wanted. I have reached my goal weight and have wonderful ideas on new recipes and eating habits. 

I have lost 13.5 pounds in this program, I have more energy, less pain in my injured knee and of course my clothes size is smaller. I feel FABULOUS! Kickboxing is SUPER FUN!

~Tina Rader
Christi lost pounds and inches!
I came back to Results Kickboxing because I lost weight before with kickboxing, but after I stopped, I gained 26 pounds in two years. I know this program works and I enjoy it. I feel stronger and healthier, emotionally and physically, and I feel lighter and it feels great to punch a bag! 

I have lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks and the Transformation challenge jump started my desire to workout and I love seeing the results. I am motivated to keep going and meet my goals. Results Kickboxing works!
~Christi Dittus
Lost weight & got in better shape.
I lost 30lbs in 12 weeks and went from a size 18 to a size 10. I owe a lot of my success to my trainer and the other people who attend, as we all push each other and feed off of each other's energy. The instructors and trainers also provide tips for eating right and overall healthier living.

 Kickboxing has changed my perception of exercise. Not only do I feel great but I also have more energy with my very busy schedule. I have pushed myself everyday and have been seeing great results!
~Maureen Davila

Stop And Think About This For A Minute
Can you picture how strong, toned and healthy you’re going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:
  • Impossible diets
  • Big box gyms that don't provide results
  • Looking in the mirror and not seeing any results
  • Long, Boring cardio workouts
  • Needing to be pushed and motivated
Kickboxing is perhaps the best exercise you can do to lose weight. Imagine burning up to 1000 calories in just one class.  
Our members love the how quick they have shed the pounds in our Kickboxing classes. These are not those boring aerobic classes at the gym. Our Colorado Springs Kickboxing classes will “Kick Your Butt.”
YOU CAN DO THIS. Make The Results Kickboxing Unstoppable Fat Loss Fitness Formula work for you. 
Get 3 Fat-Melting Classes & Free Gloves - $19.99
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Get started today and get the RESULTS you desire.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you have classes for beginners?
Yes. Our group classes have both beginners and experienced in class! Our experienced members help our beginners feel more comfortable.

Q: How big are your classes?
A typical class can range from 12 to 24 people, although it would depend on the day.

Q: Do you have family classes?
All of our Kickboxing classes are family classes for teens and adults.

Q: How old does my child have to be to start classes?
We have classes available for teens and adults. Call for details.

Q: Will your classes help me get in shape?
Absolutely! The combination of our stretching, cardiovascular exercises and martial arts techniques help you get in the best shape of your life.

Q: How many classes should I attend?
We have several classes available weekly. Most of our members attend between 1 to 3 times per week. Our flexible schedule makes it easy to make up classes in case you miss one.

Q: I’m overweight and not in shape. Can I still do Kickboxing?
Absolutely! Kickboxing is a great way for people to get in shape. With the rise of obesity, hectic lifestyles, busy work schedule, family obligations, and less physical activities, Kickboxing provides a great workout for everyone to get in shape.

Q: What kind of shape do I need to be?
You don’t need to be in shape to participate in Kickboxing. We'll help you get there!

Q: How do I get started?
Click on the our incredible web special below or call us directly at 
(719) 388-2020. We're glad to help!
Let me give you my unconditional guarantee. If after your first class, you find that our Kickboxing Program isn't for you, I'll give you your money questions asked. In addition, I'll give you my "42 Fat Burning Recipes" as my way of thanking you for checking out our program.

Miguel Serrano
Founder of Results Kickboxing
To Get Started on Your Quest to Burn Fat and Get in Shape, Click Below!
We offer morning and evening workouts sessions. We’re confident that we have a workout that will fit your schedule! And since the workouts are less than 60 minutes long, you can be in and out in no time.

Get started today to start getting fit and burning fat today!

Click on the "Get Started” button below to take advantage of our web special! Get 3 Fat Burning Sessions, a Free Pair of Boxing Gloves, Free Ebook & Unlimited Motivation and Support all for only $19.99. Get Started today!
Three Kickboxing Locations in Colorado Springs

Rockrimmon | 207-B W. Rockrimmon Blvd, Colorado Springs
Broadmoor | 1769 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs
Galley Road | 4868 Galley Road, Colorado Springs

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